Remote human detection using radio waves

Detects resonant frequencies inherent in the human body and incorporates unique processes to minimize false alarms

Software & Information Technology

Passive infrared sensor (right) and light dependent resistor (left)

Motion detectors provide useful security information. Common types of detectors include IR sensors, ultrasonic beams, lasers, and cameras. Although these devices can detect motion, they are not selective and cannot determine what is causing the movement. Additionally, false readings can be caused by environmental conditions.

This innovation is a method and system that can detect motion, and it is able to decide what caused the movement. Through a novel use of radio waves the system can determine if the movement was caused by a human, an animal, the type of animal, or a machine. If a human is involved, the system can determine if the intruder is armed. The system works by scanning an area of interest while no intrusion is present. This provides a baseline signature. Similar signatures of machines, indigenous animals, and mankind are stored in the device’s database. When intrusion occurs the device compares the signature against its database of baseline signatures and determines if a threat is present. This system can be placed in security devices used in the military, at home or business, and at border crossings.

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