Remote monitoring with unified graphical system display

Provides a status advisor that addresses the need to create a unified application for monitoring the computer system health

Software & Information Technology
Screen capture of S3 Advisor

Screen capture of S3 Advisor

The innovation is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that is used to relay system status and information about components within each network computer. The interface is customizable to reflect simple terminology such as “Disk is GOOD” or “Disk is BAD”. Terminology that is specific to one brand of platform (Windows, Solaris, Apple, LINUX, etc.) is avoided and does not interfere with the operator’s decision making process. This interface can work with multiple platforms simultaneously and does not have to be located in close proximity to the equipment being monitored. The advantage is that a user does not need to be familiar with any specific platform and can monitor a vast network of differing machines. Additionally, a company using this innovation does not need to rework its computer network to operate with one operating platform. The system could find utility in a server farm or web hosting environment.

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