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Ricin vaccine and methods of making thereof

  • US Patent No. 9133253
  • Issued: September 15, 2015
  • Status: Active
Medical & Biotechnology

Disclosed herein ricin toxin A chain polypeptides having an engineered disulfide bond ((SS)RTA) and compositions thereof. The disclosed (SS)RTA polypeptides retain the immunological epitope of wild type RTA, lack detectable N-glycosidase activity or exhibit reduced N-glycosidase activity as compared to controls, and exhibit increased solubility, thermal stability and a lower tendency to self-aggregate as compared to RTA 198 and/or RTA 1-33/44-198. Also disclosed are immunogenic compositions that may be used to immunize a subject against ricin intoxication. Methods of immunizing against, treating, inhibiting, reducing and/and preventing ricin intoxication are disclosed.

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