Rotatable vehicle mount for SATCOM antenna

Extends the utility of a SATCOM antenna to an easily accessible mobile platform


Military and civilian personnel rely on UHF satellite communications (SATCOM) when working in remote areas. SATCOM antennas may be handheld and directed or set on the ground using a tripod that can be regularly rotated and adjusted for altitude in order to follow the orbiting satellite. The tripod base is poorly suited for mounting the antenna to a vehicle.

In order to extend the capability of SATCOM to a moving platform, Navy engineers have developed a swivel mount apparatus that allows an operator to attach the antenna to the vehicle and control its direction from the safety and convenience of the cab. The swivel mount is attached to the hood of the vehicle on the passenger side in close enough proximity that the passenger can reach through a window to attach, detach or swivel and adjust the azimuth of the antenna.

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