Rugged smart device body armor mount

U.S. special forces requested a body armor mount for a tablet that was readily accessible, easy to use, and allowed for hands-free operation that was compatible with their movements, body postures, and equipment

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Engineers at the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division, have built a PALS/MOLLE compatible chest mount for smartphones and tablets. Businesses can license the design for commercialization.

For soldiers, first responders, law enforcement, and other field teams this patent-pending design offers hands-free access to their portable electronic devices for communication, navigation, or other activities, such as wearable sensor-linked patient monitoring.

USMC photo

The carrier can be mounted on the chest area of a vest or other clothing and flipped open to display maps, global positioning system coordinates, or other critical data while maintaining positive control of their equipment.

While the design and application are valuable and unique, equally so is the way in which this piece can be manufactured.

A link below contains over two dozen photos, like the own shown, for businesses interested in manufacturing the mount after securing a patent license agreement from the Navy.

Naval engineers fabricated it with tools and equipment found in the field and materials such as thermoplastics, which allows for manufacturing to fit or support a variety of electronic devices to be molded or fitted into the holder.

Models of the device were designed, manufactured, tested, adjusted and redesigned during military operations in Afghanistan.

Businesses interested in developing the technology into a commercially-available product must first license it from the Navy.

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