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Seawater faraday cage

  • US Patent No. 9241432
  • Issued: January 19, 2016
  • Status: Active

A method for deploying a lightweight, flexible Faraday cage around a device can include the step of directing the conductive fluid flow in a manner that causes a shroud to form over the device. In some embodiments, a flexible material such as canvas can be deployed over the device and the conductive fluid can be sprayed onto the flexible material to form the shroud. In other embodiments, a plurality of nozzles can be placed around the perimeter of the device, and the nozzles can be directed at a predetermined point over the device. The streams can meet at the predetermined point, collide and thereby provide the conductive shroud for the device. The shroud can have a thickness, which can be chosen according to the desired frequency of electromagnetic radiation to be blocked, typically from one to one hundred millimeters (1-100 mm).

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