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Seeded Raman amplifier in a nested configuration for generating a 1240 nm laser

  • US Patent No. 9293889
  • Issued: March 22, 2016
  • Status: Active

A third-order Stokes signal at the desired output wavelength of 1240 nm and a zeroth-order Stokes pump wavelength at 1066 nm are seeded into a Raman amplifier comprised of two nested resonators tuned to the first-order Stokes line at 1118 nm and second-order Stokes line at 1176 nm, respectively. The pump wavelength is first amplified and then sequentially converted into the first and second-order Stokes wavelengths as the light traverses the nested resonators. The desired third-order Stokes output wavelength is then amplified by the second-order Stokes wavelength as it propagates through the outermost resonator. Each Raman resonator includes a photosensitive Raman fiber located between a pair of Bragg gratings. The linewidths of the various Stokes orders can be controlled through adjusting the resonant bandwidths of the Raman resonators by offsetting, through heating, the reflectivity bandwidths of each pair of Bragg gratings respectively located in the Raman resonators.

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