Silent drive ATV conversion kit

Reduced thermal and sound signature

Military Technology Energy Electronics

U.S. Navy engineers have invented a kit that converts a gas-powered ATV into a quiet and agile battery-powered electric vehicle. The patent-pending technology is available via license agreement to companies that would make, use, or sell it commercially.

Marines drive a two-seater all-terrain vehicle. (Alexander Mitchell/USMC)

The kit replaces the standard motor and transmission drive system with an electric motor for front and rear drive axles, and two transmission sets that drive the wheels independently, allowing zero-radius turning.

The stock instrument panel can be replaced with a ruggedized tablet. The radiator is relocated.

The original gas tank is replaced with at least one 7.2 kWh battery packs connected to an electronic control unit.

The converted ATV is submersible.

A fuel cell can be installed as an additional power source.

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