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Simple low-cost hand-held landmine neutralization device

  • US Patent No. 9175933
  • Issued: November 03, 2015
  • Status: Active
Military Technology

A low-cost, reliable and easy to use kit for neutralizing surface exposed landmine and unexploded ordnance for humanitarian demining is provided. The kit contains a liquid fuel and a solid/soluble fuel. Both fuels are premeasured in separate, sealed containers. The addition of a small quantity of solid/soluble fuel into the liquid creates an explosive. The resulting mixture is capable of detonating with a standard No. 8 blasting cap. The solid/soluble fuel can be in the form of a powder, tablet, or its saturated solution in water. The solid/soluble fuel is hexamethylenetetramine. The liquid fuel, nitromethane, is provided in premeasured quantities. User is provided instructions for choosing the appropriate quantity of liquid fuel, the corresponding solid/soluble fuel required, the method of mixing, placement and detonation of the kits. Also disclosed is a simple wooden stand to hold the bottle of explosive in place. A special fuel, liquid 2-ethylhexylnitrate, is provided to desensitize the mixed and sensitized explosive.

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