Simultaneous 4-stokes parameter determination using a single digital image

  • US Patent No. 7173698
  • Issued: February 06, 2007
  • Status: Expired

A method for determining and displaying polarization profiles of points in a scene from a single imaging detector array, which utilizes a filter system comprised of a retarder, four linear polarizers, four lenses, a color filter, camera lens and CCD video camera. Light from points in a scene are transmitted through the system and exits with attenuated intensities unique for each wavelength of the light. A narrowband color filter selects the wavelength of interest. The four lenses in the system produce four images of the scene, which are recorded as a single CCD-image. The attenuated intensities in each of the four scene-images are used to calculate the Stokes parameters for selected points in the scene for the selected wavelength. A unique pseudo-color scheme that utilizes the Poincarè sphere is used for encoding and displaying polarization parameters.

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