Single canister selectable color smoke grenade

  • US Patent No. 9448047
  • Issued: September 20, 2016
  • Status: Active
Military Technology

A selectable color smoke grenade for producing different color smokes from a single grenade canister. Each grenade canister includes an upper chamber that holds gas producing material and a fuze, one or more dye chambers with dye containing compartments and bypass chambers, a plug positioned between the one or more dye chambers and the upper chamber, and a mixing chamber to receive smoke from the one or more dye chambers and having holes to release the smoke to the environment. Each dye chamber has one or more compartments containing a different color dye. Holes in the plug are used to selectively channel the gases from the upper chamber into one or more of the dye containing compartments. Color selectivity is achieved by changing the alignment between the holes in the plug and the dye containing compartments by rotating the plug and dye chamber relative to each other about a common axis.

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