Air Force

Single side band radio frequency isolation

Improved methods for isolating RF signals


Single sideband signal isolator meets or exceeds the performance of current dual sideband systems but avoids chromatic dispersion, limits fade, and requires less power. The schematic above outlines the device, including a high resolution optical spectrum analyzer (HR-OSA), photodiode (PD), and electrical spectrum analyzer (ESA).

Air Force researchers have developed an innovative optoelectronic device to modulate radio frequency (RF) signals to single sideband (SSB). The device overcomes signal fade and distortion caused by chromatic dispersion common to dual sideband (DSB) modulators. The solution also overcomes previous SSB limitations on output power and adequate spurious-free dynamic range. The result is performance equal to DSB links without chromatic dispersion effects and limited RF fade. A further advantage of the device is lower power consumption than DSB systems.

Potential applications include antenna remoting, radio over fiber, radar, electronic warfare, RF distribution on aircraft and ships, and optoelectronic oscillators

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