Site location software for explosive ordnance

Application allows for the safe and efficient siting of ordnance at a facility

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Site planning is a discipline commonly used to locate physical retail stores, restaurants, and other businesses. Such planning takes into account railroad spurs, utility services, stoplights, traffic patterns, and many other inputs. This activity takes on another dimension of importance – safety – when the storage of explosives is necessary at the location. Based on the amount, type of ordnance, and containment structure in which the ordnance is stored, many additional inputs into the site selection model are needed and current site selection and mapping tools used in industry are inadequate given these additional concerns.

As a large operator of facilities including planned developments, existing building infrastructure, and temporary locations, the military has a keen interest in optimizing the utility of a site while addressing safety related to explosive inventory. To that point, the Navy has developed a set of software tools for site selection, planning, and maintenance which directly address the location of explosives and their potential detonation on the site. The application quantifies the explosive effect of the hazardous materials with regard to the safety of personnel and the potential destruction of proximal buildings and hard assets.  The system can be used in an ongoing process to manage the administrative documents associated with the site.

Based on the inputs, the system can propose mitigation options which include: (1) a reduction in explosive material storage capacity for the potential explosive site; (2) a mitigation project for the potential explosive site; and (3) an engineering analysis of the potential explosive site. After a mitigation option is selected and completed, the explosive safety siting method proceeds to determine the required potential explosive site–explosive site separation distance.

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