Smart bollard

  • US Patent No. 7287929
  • Issued: October 30, 2007
  • Status: Expired

A smart bollard includes a compartment wherein a smart bollard circuit may be located and the smart bollard circuit, in turn, includes at least one processor, a transceiver that may be connected in circuit with the processor and configured to communicate with a central control station in response to commands from the processor, at least one sensor provided for sensing for the presence of one or more airborne agents and at least one disinfection unit that is configured for receiving commands from the processor to effect a selected disinfection of a perimeter area about the bollard sleeve. Also, the processor may be configured to receive input from the at least one sensor concerning the presence of one or more airborne agents, analyze the input and provide commands to the at least one disinfection unit to effect a selected disinfection, and to communicate the presence of one or more airborne agents to the central control station via the transceiver. A method of response to a terrorist attack using the foregoing apparatus is also presented.

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