Smart target sensors and communications

Automatic hit detection for real-time impact-confirmation and damage assessment for test shooters

Military Technology

To more accurately measure the effectiveness of gunners firing at targets in a moving boat, Navy engineers have developed a system of sensors embedded in a target mannequin along with the supporting communications that enable near or real-time detection of contact points in which kinetic energy transfers from a projectile to the target mannequin.

The sensors are made up of wire traces through ceramic, plastic, or epoxy plates. Upon impact, sensors transmit the status condition of mortally wounded, incapacitated, or unharmed as a result of the pattern of fragmentation produced when a round fired from the gun explodes near or on the mannequin.

This system was developed at Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division, for gunfire target testing at the Potomac River Test Range. Development of an in-house active radio-frequency identification (RFID) solution is currently under development, and a passive RFID solution is planned.

The GUI prototype was developed in LabView and graphically displays the current status of sensors and enables communications with an aggregation controller.

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