Stand-off charge holder

Provides precise positioning of shaped charges used in demolition


Hand-placed demolition charges are typically put in direct contact with an intended target surface such as a building support beam. However, some applications require the use of stand-off charges. Stand-off charges require an air gap between the point of detonation and the target for optimal performance as they create a plasma jet at a particular distance from the charge. The plasma jet is the force that can cut through high strength material. The optimal distance to place a stand-off charge from a target is a function of several charge parameters such as dimensions, configuration, explosive type and load, and of course, the material to be impacted and cut. To date there have not been adequate attachment brackets for stand-off charges.

Now, Navy researchers have developed a bracket to properly hold a stand-off charge at a desired distance. The bracket can hold up to 7 lbs. at distances up to ten inches away from a target. It is collapsible and user adjustable. If the target is a ferrous material, the bracket can be magnetically attached. Hooks and rings provide attachment means to non-ferrous materials or adhesives and set screws can be employed. Applications for stand-off charges and these novel brackets include oil well control situations, cutting heavy-walled steel structures, and land and sea-based demolition.

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