Super-Resolution Image Reconstruction (SRIR)

Robust, low computational overhead algorithm. Get high resolution images from low resolution, under-sampled digital imagery.

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Data ImageThe U.S. Army’s patented algorithm effectively increases the resolution of the reconstructed output image using the existing imaging device from a sequence of low resolution, under sampled, imagery. By removing aliasing due to under-sampling, SRIR can also improve range performance of the sensor.

SRIR exploits the subpixel movement of an image sequence. When LR images have subpixel shifts between successive frames, they convey different information about the same scene. SRIR takes advantage of this distinct information and fuses the information from the LR frames during reconstruction to generate a high quality HR image of the true scene. Enhanced performance can be obtained using existing hardware. The Army’s method can accommodate subpixel movement of an unknown nature such as natural jitter. It also requires very few input images: 4 frames for 2X linear (4X pixel) resolution improvement.

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