Synthetic aperture radar processing algorithm

Designed for UAV platforms with inconsistent motion

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A scientist at the Army Research Laboratory has recently invented a computationally efficient radar processing method and system for synthetic aperture radar (SAR) and ground moving target indication (GMTI) on a slow-moving platform. The patented technology is available via patent license agreement to companies that would make, use, or sell it commercially.

Current SAR algorithms are implemented on platforms that are moving at a constant velocity and at a high speed and require computationally intensive signal processing. Small platforms such as an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) generally will not have constant velocity and cannot support computationally intensive signal processing due to size, weight and power (SWaP) constraints.

ARL has developed an algorithm which overcomes the problems associated with generating a SAR image or a GMTI image on a small  UAV, robotic vehicle and/or manned vehicle. The algorithm combines pulse averaging with and without motion compensations. This permits a user to average before motion compensation or one can motion compensate, and then average. The technique is adaptable for processing non-uniform samples.

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