System for measuring vibrations occuring on a surface

  • US Patent No. 8960008
  • Issued: February 24, 2015
  • Status: Active

A device and system is provided for amplifying vibrations resulting from underwater acoustic signals. In operation, a laser interrogation beam is directed along an axis at the retro-reflector device and is responsive to reflections directed along the axis of the interrogation beam. The retro-reflector device reflects a signal back to a source and a tracking signal superimposed on an interrogation beam enables continuous sensing of the reflected signal to reduce signal dropout. A glint tracker is provided for steering the tracking beam on the surface. A tracker system superimposes the tracking and interrogation beams and is responsive to reflected glints in order to establish a directional location. An interferometer responsive to the reflected interrogation beam produces an interference signal for enabling continuous measurement of surface vibrations.

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