System and method for photonic compressive sampling

  • US Patent No. 9654208
  • Issued: May 16, 2017
  • Status: Active

A photonic compressive sampling system includes a photonic link with at least one electro-optic modulator that modulates a continuous wave optical energy with both an electrical analog signal and a pseudorandom bit sequence signal. A photodetector receives the modulated optical energy from the electro-optic modulator, and an electrical digitizer digitizes the output from the photodetector. The system enables signal recovery beyond the Nyquist limit of the digitizer. The signal being recovered has a sparse (low-dimensional) representation and the digitized samples are incoherent with this representation. An all-photonic system can faithfully recover a 1 GHz harmonic signal even when digitizing at 500 MS/s, well below the Nyquist rate.

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