System and method for rapid dissemination of image products

  • US Patent No. 9106715
  • Issued: August 11, 2015
  • Status: Active

A system and method for rapid dissemination of image products. In the system, a data consumer display device sends a geospatial request for a map image of a specific area of interest to a rapid image distribution system (RIDS), which forwards the request to a sensor ground station. The sensor ground station processes data received from a sensor platform and sends the processed data to a georectification processor. The georectification processor creates georectified data and sends the georectified data to the RIDS, which further processes the data, exposing it to data consumers using network optimized data services (e.g., KML/KMZ, TMS, GeoRSS, image chipper) based on geographic coordinates provided in the query that is a smaller subset of the sensor data. The RIDS sends the image product to the data consumer display device for display.

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