Target detection utilizing image array comparison

  • US Patent No. 9250323
  • Issued: February 02, 2016
  • Status: Active

A method and system for forming an image comprising at least one processor for performing the following: initializing an N by P image array IO by setting all values to a large number; inputting at least one image frame; randomly selecting and removing a subset of pixel locations from the total number of available pixel locations to form a preliminary image array IC; for each pixel location comparing the complex magnitude of each pixel in the image array IO with the magnitude of the corresponding pixel in image array IC, and if the pixel value in the image array IC is smaller than the corresponding pixel in the image array IO or if the IC value equals 0, then the current pixel value in image array IO is replaced by the pixel value in the image array IC; and repeating for a number of iterations to form an image.

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