Test method used for assessing target detection accuracy of ground moving target indicator data

  • US Patent No. 7486229
  • Issued: February 03, 2009
  • Status: Expired

The Ground Moving Target Indicator (GMTI) target detection accuracy test system receives, compares and analyzes GMTI test data that is formatted according to the NATO-EX (v.2.01) Standard. The GMTI target detection accuracy test system also uses Global Positioning System (GPS) data from the objective target and target reports generated by the GMTI sensor to display the simulation test results. At the conclusion of the GMTI sensor test, both the GPS and GMTI data are collected and compared using a computer processor and the results are displayed using the MATLAB® program to better indicate detection accuracy and provide a higher level of target detection accuracy. A method for testing artillery target detection accuracy method is also provided for characterizing the performance of any GMTI adhering to the NATO-EX Standard and testing against an objective target outfitted with GPS instrumentation.

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