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Tip resistant harness with quick disconnect

Device maintains a person in an upright position even when carrying a heavy pack and may be used in combination with the Air Force Auto Belay Insertion System

Military Technology

Military personnel, fire fighters, search and rescue personnel, and the law enforcement officers are trained to descend ropes into narrow areas from mobile platforms such as helicopters. Such descents are complicated by the various equipment which is worn by these professionals. In particular, backpacks present a problem in that they alter the center of gravity of the wearer and cause that person to tip away from the rope into a position parallel with the ground. This makes landing and quickly getting away from the rope difficult. One solution to this issue has the person simply throw the backpack to the ground and then descend the rope after it. This solution has obvious problems.

To address this problem more adequately, Air Force personnel have developed the tip resistant harness with quick disconnect – a device designed to allow the wearer to attach and detach quickly while remaining in an upright position when descending a rope or being hoisted. This device connects to a person’s existing waist or pelvis based-harness, extends to the descending attachment and links back to the pack, ballistic plate, vest shoulder strap, or other upper torso kit in the anthropometric dimension. This keeps the person upright while transferring load onto the descending attachment. Incorporated into the point of connection to the descending attachment is a quick disconnect feature that alleviates operator concern of connection to the delivery rope for any longer than is necessary. This new harness configuration directly addresses the tipping nature of current methods while also providing a unique connection method for future designs such as the auto belay insertion system. It is expected that the system will have additional utility in rock climbing, tethered work environments, training environments, and ropes courses.

This component may be used in conjunction with the Air Force Auto Belay Insertion System.

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