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TMax™ Electromagnetic Solver

Efficient, fast, robust, highly accurate software. Models EM radiators & EM-target interactions with standard CAD input.

Software & Information Technology

ImageThe US Air Force Research Laboratory, Directed Energy Directorate, has developed and patented two world class software modules to solve simulation problems: Cubegen™ and TMax™ software.

Cubegen™ software is a highly accurate and fast Cartesian mesh generation technique with colossal cell capacity using minimal computation and storage resources. This feat is accomplished by using a memory efficient ray tracing method, a highly accurate ray-facet intersection test, and a novel exact tie-breaking algorithm for rays intersecting facet edges and vertices.

TMax™ software then solves Maxwell equations on the Cubegen™ Cartesian mesh using the finite difference time domain method and generates output – modeling situations of interest to the electromagnetic community.

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