Handsfree tool carrier for bomb suit

Provides easy access to critical tools at a critical time

Military Technology

Bomb suits worn by explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) technicians do not provide the wearer with sufficient visibility and maneuverability to adequately access tools such as a flashlight, wire cutters, knife, and other instruments required for their tasks.  EOD personnel can carry tools in a bag but that means searching in a closed area for the right piece of equipment.  And, due to the design of bomb suits, it is difficult to wear a tool belt.  To address the need to have bomb disposal and diffusion tools readily available, Navy researchers have developed a torso mounted tool holder.  Tools are secured to a chest pad by hook and loop materials (Velcro).  For tools that do not conform to being secured to the holder, a closable pouch is attached.  As an added feature the tool holder has a handle that enables easier removal of both the tool holder and the attached upper portion of the EOD suit.

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