Tool for the removal of a cable jacket

Accommodates practically any cable diameter and jacket type while offering accurate and reliable cutting results

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This is an inadequate tool for precision cable jacket cutting.

Both hobbyists and experienced electricians struggle with the available tools made for removing the insulator or jacket from the end of an electrical wire like a coaxial cable.

These clamping and cutting hand tools are both imprecise and awkward to use as they often to undercut the jacket, which requires a second or third try or worse, over cut and thus sever the electrical strands or mesh shielding.

As cable tolerances decrease and the number of wired connections increase in our electrical device prolific world, a better way to strip electrical wires is needed.

Navy personnel have developed a better apparatus for cutting a wire jacket. With conventional cable jacket removal, the cable jacket is cut spirally while the cable is held; the holding force and the cutting force operate in different directions at once, with continual repositioning of the hand tool.

In contrast, the present invention’s cable jacket removal tool eliminates the need for the user to provide both the holding force and the cutting force. The new approach cuts the jacket length-wise rather than spirally and uses three cutting blades. These blades are adjusted to match the cable diameter and jacket thickness and then are locked into place. The wire is attached to a Kellum grip and pulled through the cutting tool with a ratcheting action. A conventional hand tool is used to make a final, circular cut in the jacket thus completing the removal process.

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