UAV trajectory determination method and system

  • US Patent No. 8212711
  • Issued: July 03, 2012
  • Status: Expired

A method for determining a corrected UAV trajectory for a UAV having an on-board synthetic aperture radar (SAR) and a programmed trajectory includes the SAR obtaining observed radar range profile curves associated with point scatterers; calculating an error objective function based on the observed radar range profile curves to obtain a perturbation path; and applying the perturbation path to the programmed trajectory to obtain the corrected UAV trajectory input back into the SAR. Optimal parameter values applied to the UAV motion model then constitute an improved estimate of the UAV trajectory. A system for computing the corrected UAV trajectory also includes an on-board UAV inertial navigation system and an on-board processor having a machine-readable storage media capable for storing the software instructions for applying the subject algorithm via the processor that then applies the corrected trajectory to the SAR.

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