Universal cable shield ground adapter

Versatile, high performance cable shield ground adapter for marine and other harsh environments that greatly reduces installation and overall life cycle costs

Communications Electronics

The US Navy has developed an exceptionally robust yet easy-to-use cable shield ground adapter that dramatically decreases installation and total life cycle costs

The Navy has developed, tested, and patented a cable shield ground adapter (CSGA) that is easy to use, highly robust, and inexpensive. The Navy CSGA is designed to accommodate a broad range of cable and conduit sizes with a minimal number of adapters. For example, any size cable from 1/8” to 1” can be grounded and secured in a K-sized tube using the Navy’s device. An internal seal acts as the primary protection against environmental conditions, providing superior sealing and relegating fickle heat shrink boots to a secondary protective status.

The Navy’s CSGA meets stringent military standards (MIL-STD-1310H) but is still expected to cost approximately 1/10th that of current products. The design can also enable the repair and retrofitting of previous installations without expensive repair kits and the time-consuming process of pulling cables. The Navy’s solution weighs about 50% less than other products and offers outstanding pull-out resistance.

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