Universal cargo tie-down strap

Safe, reliable, easy to use, and readily adaptable to various configurations


Various tie downs are known for securing equipment to the interior or exterior of a vehicle. Some tie downs use reinforced fabric straps with ratcheting buckles, netting, and elastic (bungee) cord. Tie downs vary in safety, adaptability to different vehicles, and ease of use. And in many environments, stowage of equipment and gear is a critical issue because the available space is limited. Furthermore, failure of the tie down can result in property damage, human injury, or death.

ARDEC illustration of the universal tie-down strap. The patented design is available to businesses for development into new products.

Army engineers have developed a universal tie-down system that utilizes a commercially available buckle, straps interwoven with Kevlar, carabineers and metal loops. The buckle is designed to be able to be opened under load. In one configuration, the anchor end is looped through a support member and then the two buckle components are connected together. Multiple straps can be connected together in a clothesline manner. This universal tie down system is ideal for industrial uses, camping or RV applications, forestry work, off-road, and military-specific vehicles.

Addressing the figure above, Anchor end 88 of belt 86 is in the form of a loop made by folding the webbing and sewing and/or fusing the end of the webbing, as at 85 and 95. The loop of buckle end 81 passes through belt opening 3 in receiving part 1. Buckle end 87 of the belt passes over and around a cinching bar of the insertion part 62 and then is folded back upon belt to be grasped and used to ratchet or tighten the belt. Anchor 84 may include an opening 92 through which a threaded fastener may be inserted and threaded into an opening in a support. Individual slots 90 are used to create a secure loop with the carabiner. Markers, such as paint or ink circles 91 may be placed on the face and back of the belt to identify the location of one or more slots. (patent drawing)

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