Air Force

Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) equipped with sensors and communications specific for law enforcement use

Deployed from a patrol vehicle, this UAV can identify dangerous individuals and weapons while keeping the officer at a safer distance


For law enforcement patrol officers, stopping and interviewing an individual along the road can be a very dangerous situation as it is nearly impossible to tell if the individual is someone with bad intentions. This is a situation where remote sensing and distant interaction can save lives.

To address this situation, researchers at the Air Force have developed a small UAV, deployable from the officer’s vehicle, which can interact with the subject of interest. The officer can issue instructions to the subject through the UAV, capture images of the subject or his/her documents, and compare those to database records. On-board sensors can also identify suspicious objects such as weapons. This vehicle-deployed UAV includes a base station mounted on the roof of the patrol vehicle from which the UAV is launched, retrieved, and secured during transport.

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