Water Assessment and Purification (WAsP)

A man-portable system permitting rapid water evaluation, production, and purification to meet military water quality standards


Water Assessment and Purification (WAsP)The U.S. Army Geospatial Research Laboratory has developed and seeks to license a patent-pending, man-portable system for water purification with electro-chlorination, UV sanitation, and remote water monitoring capabilities

WAsP is a portable toolkit for water assessment and purification, weighing in at 44 lbs. Point-of-use water filtration in remote areas and while on the move improves the supply chain, reduces costs, and ensures water quality.

WAsP provides:

  • Reverse osmosis water purification (1-3 Gal/Hr for standing water with a freshwater source)
  • On-the-fly electro-chlorinator bleach production from salt and water
  • In-line assessment of physical water quality parameters (as defined by TB Med 577)
  • Onboard communications and mesh network for data logging and relay
  • Six to seven hours of operations on a BB-2590 battery

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