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Whiddler Anti-Malware Scanner Software

Anti-malware software with zero-day detection capabilities utilizing unique file evaluation

Software & Information Technology
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The US Air Force has developed Whiddler (above) to detect previously unknown/ unidentified malicious files by employing an advanced statistical analysis of more than 100 file elements known as “observables”

Whiddler is a multi-threaded, multi-process, cluster-capable software scanning application tool that performs static analysis on files. After completing observations of the file, the software calculates the probability that the file is malicious or not malicious. The threshold level can be adjusted by the user. The current version (v3.2) utilizes Bayes Theorem to determine the overall statistical probability that the file is a threat. The next version of the software (v4.0) will incorporate additional calculation methodologies into the Whiddler software to further enhance capabilities. The Air Force’s software runs on 32/64 Windows and Linux systems.

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