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Wide-band active antenna system for HF/VHF radio reception

  • US Patent No. 9225074
  • Issued: December 29, 2015
  • Status: Active

An active antenna system for receiving electromagnetic radiation at frequencies below 100 MHz. The system includes a vertical support mast; a front end electronics unit including an active balun, the front end electronics unit affixed to the support mast; two crossed-dipole antennas affixed oriented at about 90 degrees to each other, each crossed-dipole antenna having two arms formed of electrically conductive material, each arm having an isoceles triangular frame with an apex of the frame electrically connected to a feedpoint of the front end electronics unit, each arm also having a longitudinal member extending from the apex to the center of the base of the triangular shape and a cross member extending between sides of the triangular frame. The system can operate independently or as part of a long wavelength array for astronomical radio telescope applications.

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