Wide field of view concentrator

A patented device that concentrates light from a large focal point onto a small detector is available to businesses for commercialization

Communications Photonics

This technology, when coupled with a Fresnel lens, concentrates light from a large focal point onto a small spot (0.5mm in diameter) on a detector. A dual lens system allows for light to be focused despite steering imperfections, poorly pointed system placement, or jostling of the system during use.

With long distance Free-Space Optics (FSO), the light will disperse over a distance due to a variety of factors (precipitation, temperature differentials, airborne particles, off-angle collection, etc.).This dispersion results in a high data error rate, which is detrimental to high-speed data transmission accuracy. This system design significantly mitigates signal loss due to o -angle collection or steering problems within set parameters and improves the signal focus on the detector.

Potential applications of the technology include low power laser of light-emitting diode (LED)-based communications, light-based communication systems, light fidelity applications, and solar photovoltaic or heat concentration applications.

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