Wideband circularly polarized single layer compact microstrip antenna

  • US Patent No. 7006043
  • Issued: February 28, 2006
  • Status: Expired

An electrically small wideband circularly polarized single layer compact microstrip antenna that permits a substantial reduction in antenna size is provided, by stacking a semicircular radiating arch on a dielectric substrate and a conductive ground plane that permits both a considerably reduced antenna length and significantly high efficiency antenna performance. The radiating arch is composed from a group of arc-shaped segments that are each separated by a gap, with one segment having an opening allowing a connector center probe to protrude upwards. In the preferred embodiment, the arc-shaped segments are arranged into a semicircle on the top surface of the dielectric substrate. Other embodiments include an array antenna and a method for decreasing a wideband circularly polarized compact microstrip antenna with a given length, AL.

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