Wideband retroreflector

Unique wideband retroreflector that receives an externally produced continuous-wave radio transmission, modulates it with a wideband signal, and retransmits a modulated waveform without the need for a local oscillator and a local transmitter


This wideband retroreflector provides signal retransmission with low power in a compact design. This invention can signifigantly improve communications and remote-sensing applications including air traffic control, ground-to-satellite communications, and high-rate data transfer from radio-frequency identification (RFID) sensors. The system also improves communications by enhancing signals in areas with weak wireless reception. The compact design makes it easy to deploy and maintain in remote locations. Additionally, this lower-powered technology handles high-bandwidths more effectively than current systems.

Potential applications include: remote or dangerous area data collection; vehicle-to-vehicle, or vehicle-to-stationary object communication, unmanned aerial vehicle swarms, and gamification.

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