Window calibration method for harmonic analysis of optical spectra

  • US Patent No. 9200962
  • Issued: December 01, 2015
  • Status: Active

A method includes determining a highest peak of an optical spectrum waveform contained within a wavelength window having a fixed wavelength range, the wavelength window having a beginning wavelength value and an ending wavelength value, and iteratively modifying the beginning and ending wavelength values, within the fixed wavelength range, to shift the wavelength window so the highest peak is centered at a first position within the wavelength window. The method may further include determining a second highest peak of the optical spectrum waveform and iteratively expanding or contracting the optical spectrum waveform, while maintaining the highest peak centered at the first position, to locate the second highest peak at a predetermined position within the wavelength window. The method may be used for window calibration to enable repeatable and precise harmonic analysis of optical spectra, such as Raman spectra.

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