News | May 15, 2019

Telehealth startup licenses high-tech patient monitoring app from US Air Force

Commercial availability announced last week, advanced solution for federal customers available later this year

Security forces at a Provincial Reconstruction Team in Afghanistan wait for an air medevac helicopter to land before loading a patient.

Josh Ives/DoD

Remote Health Solutions, a Virginia-based health tech company, has licensed the U.S. Air Force’s BATDOK™ application for mobile patient monitoring and wireless transfers.

Working with TechLink to craft their license application, Remote Health Solutions secured the license from the Air Force Research Laboratory’s 711th Human Performance Wing on April 15, giving the startup rights to integrate the BATDOK™ app into the tablet-based Virtual Exam Room products it sells as mobile patient monitoring kits.

“The BATDOK™ system makes our products attractive to the military’s field medic needs and a growing market on the civilian side,” said CEO and co-founder Adam Hardage, who is also an Air Force veteran.

The company is increasing health care accessibility for wounded soldiers in isolated locations, providing access to medical specialists with improved communications and coordination among the health care team. It is the fourth company to license BATDOK™ from the Air Force, but RHS also won a Phase 1 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract at the Air Force’s inaugural Pitch Day in March.

Under the SBIR contract, the company will integrate the BATDOK™ app into its Virtual Exam Room (VER) product line as well as provide BATDOK™ with a secure video telemedicine consultation capability and back-end cloud platform that the app does not currently possess.

“Patients shouldn’t be prevented from getting proper care because diagnostic equipment is tethered to a hospital a thousand miles away or because their vital records get lost during transfer,” said Dr. Jonathan Baugh, RHS’ chief medical officer. “Mobile, point-of-injury diagnosis and care are enabled by advances in technology, and we’re making sure that happens. In our world, BATDOK™ is no longer a standalone capability. Everything is connected to everything else and the receiving team already knows a patient’s status before they arrive. We’re closing the loop on the continuum of care, and it is simply incredible.”

Hardage teamed up with Baugh, a board-certified and practicing emergency room physician to form the company in 2017.

They first learned of BATDOK™, an acronym for Battlefield Assisted Trauma Distributed Observation Kit, at a special operations demonstration in 2018.

Hardage saw the synergy between BATDOK™’s multi-patient triage capabilities and RHS’ telemedicine platform. The company has since worked closely with Dr. Greg Burnett and the BATDOK™ invention team at the Air Force lab to bring advancements to both technologies in order to provide a completely integrated and connected care solution to military field medics.

“This is a very exciting time for RHS,” said Hardage. “The collaboration with the Air Force has been nothing short of phenomenal and we are thrilled to be part of the effort to move BATDOK™ forward.”

RHS became the first company to offer the BATDOK™ application for sale commercially, announcing its official release last week at the Special Operations Medical and Scientific Assembly in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“To say that we have generated some excitement among the SOF medical community would be an understatement,” CEO Adam Hardage said.

When included as part of a kit, BATDOK™ enables medics to wirelessly monitor multiple patients’ vitals simultaneously at the point-of-injury, capturing a complete history of each patient’s medical treatment from point-of-injury through medical evacuation, and follow-on transfer to the next level of care.

The company plans to roll out new products and a complete BATDOK™ solution for federal customers later this year.

“What we’re bringing to market is a completely new product, and we’re operating in a high-growth sector of health care,” Hardage said. “Aggressive innovation and speed of implementation are hallmarks of our company. We invite anyone interested in benefiting from the use of this incredible technology to contact us to discuss their requirements.”

Remote Health Solutions can be reached online at, by phone at 804-893-0890, or by email at