News | Aug 1, 2017

Dorothy Vincent, Navy tech transfer director, receives DoD honor

News Article Image of Dorothy Vincent, Navy tech transfer director, receives DoD honor

Dorothy Vincent, left, receives the 2017 George Linsteadt Technology Transfer Achievement Award from Dr. Jagadeesh Pamulapati, director of the Defense Laboratories Office in the ‎Office of the Secretary of Defense during a ceremony in Austin, July 11, 2017. (Laci McDowell/TechLink)

AUSTIN­, July 11, 2017– Dorothy ‘Dottie’ Vincent, who leads the Navy’s technology transfer program, was named the 2017 winner of the George Linsteadt Award for Excellence in Technology Transfer.

The honor recognizes individuals and their efforts to enhance technology transfer from the DoD to industry.

Vincent, who began her career at the Naval Research Laboratory in 1994, now leads the Navy’s tech transfer community, including 38 Offices of Research and Technology Applications, that support 44 laboratories located on four continents. Vincent was nominated for fostering growth and innovation that has positively impacted the Department of Defense laboratory system.

She was specifically recognized for organizing an annual workshop since 2007 that brought together the Navy’s legal community with staff from Office of Research and Technology Applications to collaborate on improving the military’s technology transfer process.

“When sequestration limited travel opportunities, she developed a monthly teleconference to keep the community in contact, a work-around that was so effective that it has remained as a best practice,” her award reads. “Her leadership has created a vibrant practitioner community within Navy tech transfer. A tireless evangelist for technology transfer, Mrs. Vincent’s outreach within the extensive Navy enterprise has led to the establishment of tech transfer operations at more than a dozen facilities.”

Vincent’s was lauded for her support of the Navy’s first Partnership Intermediary Agreement to facilitate outreach. Under her leadership and encouragement to innovate, the Navy has developed effective outreach efforts using the agreements.

Vincent also supported the 2008 pilot program that became the successful Innovation Discovery Process, which connects business professional and entrepreneurs, colleges and universities, and economic development organizations with inventors from DoD labs to grow local innovation ecosystems.

“The pilot was wildly successful; however, Mrs. Vincent possessed the vision to see that the program could become even more so,” the award reads.

In 2013, she tested and improved the process at four more Navy labs. In 2015, Vincent launched the ongoing “train-the-trainer” stage so technology transfer staff could implement subsequent innovation activities utilizing their own resources and connections.

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