News | Dec 3, 2018

VitalTech inks patent license with Air Force for powerful battlefield healthcare app

PLANO, Texas – A patent license agreement between VitalTech Affiliates, LLC and the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory was signed recently, allowing the company to acquire a sophisticated mobile app that empowers innovative healthcare solutions.

The license enables the healthcare tech firm to commercialize the Air Force’s BATDOK™ mobile app, which was designed for battlefield medics to monitor, record, treat, and transfer patients via wireless biometric sensors feeding a mobile smart device. VitalTech’s core product is a line of advanced biometric wearables (wristbands, chest straps, and Bluetooth smart tags), which provide real-time data collection, and advanced actionable analytics to patients and healthcare teams.

Pete Ianace is a senior vice president at VitalTech. On Monday, the company announced a patent license agreement had been signed with the Air Force Research Laboratory. (courtesy photo)

“BATDOK’s robust capabilities are a real credit to Air Force Research Laboratory and we’re excited to offer this powerful tool to partners and customers across a broad spectrum of industries and use cases,” said Pete Ianace, senior vice president at VitalTech. “We believe BATDOK can change outcomes and have an immediate positive impact.”

BATDOK, an acronym which stands for Battlefield Assisted Trauma Distributed Observation Kit, was developed by the laboratory’s 711th Human Performance Wing at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. It has been field-tested with Air Force medics and special operations personnel.

“We see, at the point of injury, the challenges and limitations that our medical Airmen face,” Dr. Gregory Burnett, the system’s program manager for the U.S. Air Force, said in a release. “With those lessons learned and gaps identified through direct experience, we come back to the lab and devise innovative solutions to address the shortfalls we observed firsthand in the field.”

VitalTech was assisted through the licensing process by TechLink, the Department of Defense’s national partnership intermediary for technology transfer, which has been marketing and facilitating licenses for BATDOK. Joan Wu-Singel, a senior technology manager at TechLink, advised Ianace on the preparation of the VitalTech’s commercialization plan and license application.

“We’re happy to see VitalTech leverage the Air Force’s investment in warfighter capabilities for emergency medical services,” she said. “We’re confident their BATDOK-powered products and platforms will provide improved outcomes for patients and providers.”

The final license deal, which contained undisclosed financial terms that benefit the Air Force, was reviewed and approved by Dr. Jim Kearns, technology transfer and domestic alliances manager for the 711th Human Performance Wing, who said the October 25th agreement demonstrates the importance of the Air Force Technology Transfer Program, which ensures unclassified Air Force research is available to companies. The exchange of knowledge, expertise, equipment, and testing facilities allows the U.S. economy to benefit from the public investment in DoD research.

“BATDOK is a natural fit for Vitaltech and we’re pleased to have completed the agreement,” said Kearns. “We aim to make the most of our inventions. If the inventions we develop at AFRL can go forward into the commercial sector, we can better advance them for the good of the nation, and that includes our warfighters.”

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