Weekly Tech Roundup | Nov 29, 2019

Weekly tech roundup: Black Friday special edition

While everyone else is out braving the crowds for this year’s Black Friday sales, we are inviting you to browse some of the newest technologies added to our express licensing portfolio, from the comfort of your home.

What is express licensing, anyway?

Good question. It’s a huge benefit to you, the business owner, and kind of like the Black Friday sale of technology transfer.

Our express licensing process was designed to reduce barriers to licensing and partnerships, and the pre-approved terms of an express license significantly shorten the time a license takes to complete, from months to weeks. Interested parties can apply to license any of these featured technologies by clicking on the “Apply Now” button located at the top of each eligible technology page.

And most importantly, TechLink will help you navigate the entire process with our free services.

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So, grab a coffee or a mug of hot chocolate, carve out your spot on the couch, and see if any of these technologies get you in the business-building mood.

Drug testing device using hyperspectral imaging

This is a method for the detection of oxygen deficiency in the tissue of a human body as an indicator of illegal drug use without the need for touch or bodily contact.

The method relies on generating hyperspectral images and comparing them to a reference image.

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Eye and sensor laser protection

A new Pockels cell-based electro-optic shutter device is capable of blocking optical transients to such an extent that damage to eyes and sensors does not occur.

The device provides for a higher attenuation than conventional passive chemical dye-based shutters. The device may be incorporated in a thin, flexible electro-optic shutter device composed entirely of a solid-state polymer.

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Structural fuel cells

These novel fuel cells can serve a secondary purpose as structural members.

The researchers leveraged the combined structural properties such as strength and stiffness inherent in fuel cell materials together with their power-generating capability.

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High-density metallic glass alloys

This technology is a new class of bulk metallic glass alloys (MGAs) combining hafnium with copper, nickel, aluminum, titanium, and niobium.

MGAs are used in golf clubs, fishing rods, car bumpers, aircraft skins, artificial joints, dies, armor-piercing projectiles, engine parts, and cutting tools.

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Estimating engine performance

This process estimates various health parameters of an aircraft engine.

The approach may be used to detect faults in unmeasured parameters.

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Lightweight cartridge case

A scientist has recently engineered a lightweight cartridge case.

The novel ammunition cartridge case includes a stainless steel sleeve and base and a fiber-reinforced polymer composite annulus within the base. The material offers weight savings enabling a person to carry more ammunition per weight unit as well as providing corrosion resistance over current materials.

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Heat and water resistant environmental barrier coating

This new multicomponent barrier coating protects engines from heat and water vapor.

The system aids in phonon scattering, reduces thermal conductivity, and provides a buffer between the oxide top layer and silicon-based ceramic substrate.

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