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Weekly Tech Roundup: Triple authentication for secure access to computer devices, Cross-network cybersecurity with common protocol

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Advanced cybersecurity is a necessity in our modern, digital world. Cyber threats are increasingly more automated, sophisticated, and disruptive. As a result, companies need to be proactive in their efforts to protect their networks and valuable data.

According to a 2017 forecast from Gartner, Inc., worldwide spending on information security products and services is expected to grow to $93 billion in 2018. In other words, the business opportunities are virtually endless. Browse through four of TechLink’s hot cybersecurity technologies that are available for your business to license:

Triple Authentication for Secure Access to Computer Devices

Biometrics once promised to greatly enhance cybersecurity. But to date, retinal scanners, fingerprint readers, thermal imagers, and other systems have not gained wide adoption.

To address shortcomings of current solutions and push biometrics towards broader adoption, Navy researchers have developed an authentication system incorporating a triple-pass system that more closely mirrors the common mechanics of accessing a keyboard and is ideally suited to work environments where an operator may leave the computer for periods of time or perform non-computer work while at his or her desk.

Learn more about the triple authentication for secure access to computer devices technology.

Cross-network cybersecurity with common protocol

The risk of having data stolen during transmission is higher when that information travels across networks or from one network over the Internet to another network. Many software-based security protocols have been used to address this issue with varying levels of success.

Army researchers are addressing the protection of data traveling across networks with a combined hardware and software approach. The architecture utilizes a system of routers as transfer components. Of importance is that the routers can have different assigned security levels and function to interface with different security level data.

Learn more about the cross-network, cyber security with common protocol technology.

Light Information Transmitting Optical System

Open data networks are ubiquitous and pose an ongoing target for the introduction of viruses, worms, malware, denial of service attacks, and nefarious activities such as eavesdropping, keystroke logging, cybercrime, cyber warfare, unauthorized execution of code, and other malfeasance. Risks related to open networks are grossly increased when data from an open network is sent to a closed network.

To overcome these threats Navy researchers have developed the Light Information Transmitting Optical System, or LITOS, which utilizes redundant transmission of data by way of light communication.

Learn more about the light information transmitting optical system technology.

Wireless Network Intrusion Detection

WIDS is a patent pending software and hardware product developed by the Air Force Research Lab Information Directorate (AFRL-RI). WIDS detects anomalous wireless activity and vulnerable configuration settings and provides data to the network management system.

WIDS detects and reports Rogue Access Points, Unauthorized Clients, Unprotected SSIDs, WEP usage and Ad-Hoc Networks. WIDS provides information on a number of network exploitation methods including Network Discovery and Probing, Man-in-the-Middle attacks, Connection Hijacking, Denial of Service Attacks and MAC Address Spoofing.

Learn more about the wireless network intrusion detection technology.

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