Weekly Tech Roundup | Jan 3, 2020

Weekly tech roundup featuring technology manager top five picks for January 2020

In our first tech roundup of the new year, our expert technology managers identified five inventions that are worthy of a second look.

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Self-clearing vents based on droplet expulsion

Air Force scientists invented new fluid flow technology by inventing novel surface and capillary geometries for wetted materials.

The invention is able to control the entrance of liquids into and the flow of liquids through free-standing capillaries by proper selection of the cross-sectional and/or one axial geometry of the capillary. This control applies to both wetting as well as non-wetting fluids.

Applications include spacecraft fuel tanks and baby bottles.

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Full motion video to 3D maps software

As part of a research project known as soldier-deployable geospatial technologies, Army scientists invented software that rapidly creates 2D and 3D maps from Full Motion Video. The patent-pending software, known as FMV-to-3D, is available via license agreement to companies that would make, use, or sell it commercially.

The software solution ingests FMV file or live UDP stream (User Datagram Protocol) from an airborne drone or aircraft and generates 2D orthomosaics, 3D point clouds, digital terrain models, and 3D textured models.

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Seawater-derived hydrocarbon fuel production

Navy researchers have invented a sustainable, environmentally friendly, and safe process for producing hydrocarbon fuel from seawater.

The portfolio of patents can be licensed individually or as a suite and includes a method and apparatus to synthesize hydrocarbons via the catalytic reduction of CO2 and a unit for recovering CO2 from seawater or air, produce hydrogen, and synthesize both into hydrocarbons.

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Efficient isolation and culturing of CD34+ stem cells from human peripheral blood (and other media)

Veterans Affairs (VA) scientists have developed a method of isolating and enriching stem cells from either bone marrow or peripheral blood which takes advantage of the non-adherent property of stem cells, as opposed to the adherent property of differentiating cells, by serially passaging the suspended cells in liquid media.

The technology allows patients to use their own bone marrow to generate stem cells for therapeutic cell replacement which avoids immune rejection, HIV, hepatitis or other pathogen transfer and other animal virus contamination.

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Silent drive ATV conversion kit

Navy engineers have invented a kit that converts a gas-powered ATV into a quiet and agile battery-powered electric vehicle.

The kit replaces the standard motor and transmission drive system with an electric motor for front and rear drive axles, and two transmission sets that drive the wheels independently, allowing zero-radius turning.

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