Weekly Tech Roundup | Feb 7, 2020

Weekly tech roundup featuring technology manager top six picks for February 2020

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Low-energy water desalination system

Navy scientists have devised a system for water desalination that uses very little energy.

This invention uses naturally occurring thermal gradients in the ocean to transfer needed energy to and from the water. And the process saves significant energy costs.

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Blast-resistant trash can kit

Navy experts have invented a kit that makes a standard trash can blast-resistant.

Blast-resistant trash cans decrease the impact of a bomb detonated inside by guiding the explosion upwards and restraining any shrapnel.

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Flashing indicator of swimmer’s health

Human performance engineers at the Air Force have invented a novel device for monitoring the oxygen saturation of swimmers.

Known as the FISH, an acronym for Flashing Indicator of Swimmer’s Health, the device has been prototyped in two form factors, a swimming goggle attachment, and an arm sleeve.

In addition to swimmers, other applications for the technology may include health monitoring devices for children with asthma, and trainees exposed to low oxygen environments or tear gas.

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Sand boil filter

Army researchers have invented a sand boil filter to help prevent floodwaters from tunneling past levees.

The filter prevents sand boils from growing while relieving the underground hydrostatic pressure that created the sand boil and hindering subterranean erosion that can cause the failure of nearby levees.

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Aerosol-jet ink meter for 3D printer

This NSA-developed technology provides a real-time, on-demand measurement of ink stream deposition on an aerosol-jet 3D printer.

This additive manufacturing technology can enhance the precise printing of electronic circuitry, IoT devices, printed antennas, and the replacement of wire bonding for integrated circuit chips.

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Flexible crystalline ultra-thin silicon solar cells

A team of Navy scientists has recently invented a way to manufacture an ultra-thin, flexible solar cell from any suitable pre-existing thick, inflexible crystalline solar cell.

Ultra-thin, flexible crystalline Si wafers are used to power everything from space vehicles to our homes, and there is a growing need for a new, affordable, and fast technique for manufacturing them. The Navy's technique is just that.

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